Spend more money on ads, the better your engagement will be.

It’s time to agree and acknowledge the fact that Facebook is a business and one of their primary objectives is to make money. Facebook has different ways in how they bring in money and one of them is through pages when they run Facebook ads because you have to pay them to show your content to a bigger audience. That’s why they are always changing their algorithm. The conclusion is, the more money you spend, the better results you will get.

Buzzsumo published an article in August about the decrease of Facebook engagement by 20% and a lot of organisations are seeing the decline in their pages. The article states that “the biggest fall in engagement was with image posts and link posts. According to the data video posts had the smallest fall in engagement and videos now gain twice the level of engagement of other post formats on average”. An interesting observation that the article makes is that Facebook organic reach has declined significantly and increases in paid promotion have not enabled brands and publishers to maintain their levels of Facebook engagement.

A lot of organizations still struggle with allocating a budget for social media but it’s also possible to do the best with whatever small money you have. Here are a few tips to get you going.

  1. Don’t boost all your posts, interrogate the post and see how important it is and how it’s aligned with the organisation’s goal and then promote it.
  2. Visuals are important, try and use a lot of videos or images in your posts compared to text only posts.
  3. Narrow down your target audience, it gets better engagement in that way compared to a broad target.

There is also a lot of posts that your audience sees every day and compelling content will be a step into grabbing their attention so that they can engage with your posts.

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