Shorter videos can help get your message across.

By Lebogang Mgiba, Digital Director at The Press Office.

We know content is king and video is currently one of the best content formats that generated the highest engagement on Facebook. The only trick is that you need to try and shorten your message, meaning creating shorter videos compared to long ones. Yes, data is expensive, but you also need to grab people’s attention within 3 seconds of the video.

Facebook states that 47% of the value in a video campaign is delivered in the first three seconds. For this reason, it is critical to capture attention straight away and consolidate your message to 15 seconds or less. This can give you an advantage in feed and increase the chances of having your message seen. An interesting tip from the list is that you should also tell your story visually. Using text and graphics can make your message easier to understand. Always mix your content to keep it interesting.

Click here to read the four tips to help shorten your video ad and get your message across quickly compiled by Facebook.

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